How to subscribe

Full details of BARB’s fees can be found in the BARB rate card (& terms and conditions of use). All BARB users pay an annual fee which is dependent upon their use of the data.

BARB has recently introduced changes to the way that it manages agreements for advertisers who use BARB data. Find out why changes were introduced and what they mean for advertisers.

To subscribe to the BARB television audience measurement service please complete the contact form.

Data access is generally provided to users through one of the BARB registered data processing bureaux. The datasets can be purchased directly from BARB, but interrogation of these raw data requires extensive specialist software.

The cost of the data, or other BARB related services provided by a bureau, is additional to the fees charged by BARB.

End user licence limited usage

Small volumes of BARB data, intended for internal use only, are offered via an End User Licence Limited Usage from BARB registered data processing bureaux. End User Licence Limited Usage fees, in addition to the costs of the data, are:

  • Data costing up to a maximum of £13,300; 10 percent of the amount invoiced with a minimum cost of £275

To enquire about an End User Licence Limited Usage, please contact us.

Television channels wishing to be BARB reported

Television broadcasters who would like to have their channels measured by BARB will need to provide some basic channel information initially, as well as be capable of supplying programme and commercial logs, on an ongoing basis.

For more information about having your channel measured and reported by BARB please contact us.